Once upon a time the world was one of blue skies and endless green lands, with heavens that shimmered full of life and light. And upon this world the race of man flourished. It built great civilizations, but those civilizations needed power. And in their thrist for power to fuel the fires of these great civilizations, mankind built a grand profane artifact – the Well of Darkness.

It was this Well of Darkness that bridged the world of Man with the world of Monster. And from this Well, came forth the Foul Dark, monsters that corrupted the lands. Monsters that tore the stars from the heavens. Monsters that devoured the kingdoms of Man. The great cities of Man tried to mount defenses with soldiers, magics, and giant humanoids of steel to turn back the Foul Dark.

Yet the passage of time has seen each of the great cities eventually fall to the Monsters. This world is now ruled by the Foul Lords, shrouded in an everlasting twilight. Mankind's reward for shepherding the Foul Dark into the universe is to remain forever beneath the talons of the Foul.

Or is it?

Once, it was said that Mankind use power weapons to fight back against the Foul Dark. That it seized upon the magics that were brought forth from the Well of Darkness. And was it not Mankind that built the Well of Darkness itself? Surely if once we were able to call forth the Dark Foul from their world…. it may be possible to drive them back from ours. This is the world that you know now. This is the world ruled by the Foul Lords.

What shall your deeds be?

The Era of Foul Darkness