Important Personae of Churn

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The Voice of Discourse – A quiet whispering voice echoes across the Forum of Disquisition. It is the Voice of Discourse, leading the meetings of the patrons of Churn. It can be heard across the Forum and does not seem to have a body, only its voice, which can range from a soft whisper to a bold shout. It has also been said that the Voice of Discourse can take the voice of others and turn it against them, typically reserved for one boisterous and going against the will of the Foul Lady of Churn.

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The Minister of Maleficent Machinations - Personally invited by the Foul Lady of Churn, the Foul Lord known typically as the Minister of Industry is a grotesque creature from the far reaches of beyond the Well of Darkness. It brings with it a grave intellect that feels that humanity is no longer needed upon this world – that its machines can fulfill the purpose that Mankind once did. It is only by the curious hand of the Queen of the Eternal Masque that it does not turn its dread machines upon Mankind to rid them of the city once and for all.

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The Lady of Immaculate Tortured Knowledges

The Lady of Knowledges seems on the surface to be the Foul Lady of humanity in Churn. She allows them to learn of her eldritch knowledge, shows her students utmost care and a strange alien sympathy, and has an eerie facsimile to humanity in her form. And yet, there are tales of blood curdling screams from her tower in the University and a morbid fascination with human brains…. often not in their original bodies. 

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The Harvester -

No other name is given to the creature. It utters no words. It watches over the fields of the painfruit. Those that would harm the harvest are harvested by it. Those digested by it become the fertilizer for the next batch. It maintains the harvests.

Professor Juliz Arcandi - Professor Arcandi believes that the changes in humanity since the tide of the Foul Darkness could be the next step in evolution among humans. For her part, the Lady of Knowledge seems to amuse her theories and experiments. 

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The Courtesan – They are concerned with the health and welfare of the people. And their pleasures. They operate out of the House of Hedonisms, a full staff of men, women, and exotic creatures to appeal to all tastes. Their primary angle is organic corruption that could prevent the breeding of new human stock for the town. It is said that the Courtesan is the only human who has entered the Basilica of Falling Miasma and been able to leave it.


Important Personae of Churn

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