Life and weather in the Foul Era

Many changes have happened to the world of old since the creature of the Foul Dark emerged from the Well of Darkness. Ancient legends tell of a world that once had blue skies, green, verdant lands, and billions and billions of stars in the sky. Much of that seems lost at this point.

At the best of times, the skies over Churn are a strange inky blackness that are only lit by the eerie sickly silver, tinged with green light of the dim star known as the Pale Mistress. Other times see the brighter, red star in the sky. It is commonly known as the Crimson Father. This brings the world to an eerie sort of "day" equivilent, though the illumination is far darker than what was once described in ancient history. This is only intensified when thick bands of clouds roll into the Middle Barrens. 

Ancient texts describe the bright star as once being known as the Sun. The dim star is said not to be a star at all, but something like the Fouled World known as the Moon. It is said that the Foul World revolves around the Crimson Father, even if by most appearances, the Crimson Father seems to rise and set upon the Fouled World. It is said that a year can be constructed out of a series of 366 days, marked by the rise and fall of the Crimson Father.

Half of the year sees storms of heavy rains, lightning, and destructive columns of wind that tear across the lands. The other half of the year sees cold rains, ice shards, and corrupted snow fall upon Churn. These storms can seem to linger over the Middle Barrens far longer than the storms to the East and the West. 

Sometimes, these storms carry blight rains – rain which carries the miasma of the Well of Darkness. These blightfalls can create terrible diseases, inflict horrendous mutations, and are generally quite dangerous to human life. Even the Foul Lords and their kin are wary of the changes the blight rains can cause.

Typically, blighted storms occur before and after the Churning Skies. The storm that Churn takes its name from is highly localized and brings with it a blightfall that is mostly focused upon the Bascilia of Falling Miasma. Sometimes, blighted foulkin fall from the skies. The Bishops of Grotesqueries will typically be dispatched to deal with them. Some are caught and taken away to the Bascilia, others are outright destroyed. 

Water is drawn from the ground or from the somewhat fresher northern parts of the Ill River to vast fields to the north of Churn proper. Most of the crops grown are the painfruit decreed by the Queen of the Eternal Masque, but there is also large tracts of poppy opium, as well as mutated strains of old world crops. Beyond that, the wilds are host to numerous flora and fauna such as the strangle weed, the dread trees, and various foulkin that stalk them

Life and weather in the Foul Era

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